Thursday, January 31, 2008

I can't believe how time flies these days.. I had been without a computer for a few weeks, so I didn't post too much, but its back and I am such a happy girl! I can finally look for all the sneak peaks for CHA. I am so excited to be going. I am so excited to see some of the new things in person. I think we are going to have such a fab time! I might even bring one of my owl frames to give to Elsie.. but I don't want her to think I am some crazy stalker fan like Mallory or anything. (loves ya Mally Mal!)
So, Maya Road had this call for things to put on display at CHA. The only thing I had new, that was done, was the frame of the chipboard family I made of us. (See previous posts) I only used the keychain for the frame, so I didn't expect to get picked but I thought they might get a kick out of it. Lo and behold I got a rak from them. I am waiting impatiently for the mailman to bring me my goodies.. I'll share once I get them!

Last night I went ROCKCLIMBING! Touchstone Gym in Concord. Yes, you read that right.. I went to this indoor climbing gym with Sheri, and it was sooo much fun.. I did feel like the old fat mom around all these beautiful young men.. (I kept thinking, wow Bianca needs to come here!) but it was really inspiring and challenging. I was so tired and sore after just one climb.. I know I am outta shape, but didn't expect to be so winded. I am actually thinking of joining this crazy gym.. maybe I'd even use it more than the untouched 24 hour Fitness membership I have.. lol!
So, thanks Sheri for opening my world to a bit of yours.. I had a great time.
I have another announcement, but can't leak it out till I've made a few phone calls.. so check back tomorrow or later tonight for the announcement.. its so exciting and big for me.. (no its not a "yes" to the contest I entered.. ) but its super exciting and I can't wait to share.. (and you all better come see me!)

By the way, my favorite sneak peaks for CHA are from Cosmo Cricket.. if you haven't checked out their blog lately.. please do.. the 'warehouse' guy is hilarioius and the new products rock my socks off.. think STYX and Mr. Roboto.. coolio!

A funny thing happened at the store today.. The phone rang and Sheri answered it.. she was acting soo cool and collected laughing and kinda flirting on the phone.. I couldnt ask cause I was helping someone at the register.. but I heard her say "your products".. hmm.. who the heck is she talking too???

TIM FREAKING HOLTZ called her today! I want to spill but you'll have to check the MDW Blog today for the big news.. she got off the phone and we were like giddy school girls.. jumping up and down and screaming.. it was so funny.. I just love him.. (I think he loves MDW too.. )

Just sharing a fun pic of my baby!


WriterGirl said...

Girl, you are just on fire!!! love the pic! and your kiddos!

Mallory Phillipy said...

daniela this is a cute blog. sooo excited for tim holtz again, holy crap. sheri is so good :]

Casey said...

It's Tuesday now.... the news???