Monday, August 28, 2006

This past weekend, I started to pull out old photos which I thought were important to me, that I haven't scrapped yet. I found this old picture of my mom. She says she was about 15 years old, so that would make it 1955 or so. Its just a candid shot of her playing the guitar. Its important to me because she looks so happy and beautiful. I also still have the guitar stored away in the garage. Maybe its time to bring it out and learn a little. Ha ha! I wish I had the time.. lol!

The second layout I did this weekend, was of a favorite picture of Tony almost a year ago. Did you ever have that picture that you love so much that your scared to scrap it? This was it for me. I think it turned out pretty cute. So, take out a favorite old picture and scrap it. Document the picture forever in your book of memories.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The week before Grandma Costa passed away, I borrowed a book from the library "Notes on the Kitchen Table". I had her in mind, as well as all my good friends and family. This books premise is that each person writes a letter, poem, advice, story, anything that they would like to pass on to future generations. Then they leave this note on the kitchen table for all to see. The following is an excerpt that I thought really hit home to me this past week.

"Maybe you've been told you have your mother's eyes, your uncle's curiosity, your father's sense of humor. An inheritance is not necessarily a material asset, it is not always money, or jewelry, or land. An inheritance is the connection - your mother's eyes, your uncle's curiosity. It is what we've heard and what we've learned, what we've gained from our family and embraced as our own.
It is what ties us, both visibly and invisibly, to those who came before us.
It is recognizing ourselves as the embodiment of the dreams of generations gone.
It is knowing, deep in the bones, that there is an uncrossable distance between right and wrong, which we measure from having the eyes of our mother.
From looking through her eyes.
From seeing the world as she would have us see it; a road, sometimes bumpy, yet paved with delight. A road meant to be traveled undauntedly while accompanied by worthy companions.
An inheritance is our unseeable soul.
It is our greatest fortune, earned without visible effort - from being loved, even before we were born."

In our hobby we always say to get our stories in our scrapbooks, and do it now. We always think we'll have the time to ask the questions or take the pictures. Do it now, tonight, tomorrow.. Ask a friend or relative to tell you a story, their story, so you can tell your children and grandchildren through our hobby.

It has been a sad week in the Costa family. We have lost our Grandmother, Leone Irene Costa. She passed away on Saturday, August 19th. Leone was a beautiful soul, so full of love and happiness. She was married to Grandpa Joe for 67 years, and had 5 wonderful children, and many grandchildren. I was lucky enough to know Leone for 6 years and she brought so much to my life. I loved her like she was my own grandmother, and she always made me feel as though I was her own granddaughter. I love you Leone and I will always tell stories to my children of the great Grandma Costa. In her voice I can hear her say "Aww Hon"! I made this layout of a picture of her in 1937 when she was 15 years old. Such a beautiful picture, we will miss you so much...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This is the second layout I did this past weekend, also with the Bohemia line. These pictures are so fun. Bianca and Alexa had just dyed their hair pink (yes dyed it pink!) and I had to get some pics of them. They are the best of friends and I love how they are so playful together. Some of my favorite layouts are of their friendship. It amazing to me how much Bianca is growing up. She really does remind me of myself at that age. I was adventurous and not afraid to express myself so I am proud of her for being a strong independent girl.... if only I can keep the boys away for a little bit longer. Have a great day everyone!

This is my first official "post".. wheee hoooo!

This is a layout I did on Saturday night at Stampers Warehouse. I am using the fantastic new Bohemia line by My Minds Eye. Another layout is below. I love this line its easy and you don't need to add much to this paper to make it work. I also worked on my submission to the Scenic Route Design Team contest, but won't be posting those just yet. I must say that the Design Team layouts have been the best work I have done. This was the first time I am "submitting" or trying to do something with this hobby. Its a hard step to take, to put yourself out there. You do this as a hobby and friends and family that don't "know" the business tell you how great you are and that you should be doing more, but then you look at other peoples work and realize how many talented "artists" there are out there. So, for now, I'll dabble a little send in things and hope for the best. Just doing this blog is a step outside my "box". I've also posted a bunch of layouts on Two Peas (see link on side). Wanting to share something you love is a great experience and I hope you can all enjoy it too!

Welcome to my BLOG! Yep, I jumped off the boat and diving right in. This is the baby stage and I am going to do my best to keep it updated with my projects, happenings and just interesting things I find in my life.

Check back often for updates and probably new pictures every day.