Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick update! Look at BAM POP! My layout is in their gallery! Also, take a look at BASIC GREY! My layouts have been selected to be shown in their designer gallery! What a happy Friday for me! Also, I am going to Scrapbook Territory tonight for a Rubber Soul stamping class and cropping with my girl Laura! Have a great day!

Things have been very busy this past week. I had the pleasure of attending the 3-day breast cancer charity crop/silent auction at Young Play Memories. There were at least 50 people there and we had a fantastic time. It was me and my girl Nancie and we rocked it on Saturday! We did our own thing for awhile, then we decided to start doing layouts together. Meaning we took an idea or sketch and then made our own layouts. Its amazing to see how our layouts looked simular, but then took our own style on. We were so creative and in the swing of it.. and then alas.. it was already 11pm. These days that are all day crops are so wonderful, but go by so fast. I got great news that day as well, I am going to be on the Young Play Memories Design team! Yippee! I can't wait! A friend of mine Dee Bjorklund is also on the team, so its great to have a friend that I can hopefully get together and create with! I am still trying to figure out my NSD schedule, but I know I want to be with my girls, but I also want to do some make and takes.. stay tuned!
The layout with Tinkering Ink and the picture of me and the duck was my fav of the day. I am thankful to my father for clicking this picture, circa 1972. What a shot!
I also included a few others of the day! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I hope everyone has recovered from their Easter delights! I am now in full scrapbook mode, as I have classes to prepare for and a DESIGN TEAM to work on! WEEEHOO! I had to submit my bio and picture to the website and wow that was hard! I am not fond of pictures taken of me, but I had to bite the bullet and have some taken on Easter. If you'd like to see it, visit them at Your Pictured Memories and hit the design team button, yep thats me!

We have been having problems getting Tony to sleep at night. A few moms suggested to get him a twin bed because thats the sign he is ready. Well we got the perfect new bed for Tony at IKEA (we couldn't get him off the darn thing!) and he slept through the night last night! It worked! I love the bed and so does Tony. Look for pics soon of him on it!

I had so much fun making the project, Gypsy Mama! I love the products and colors for this mini book celebrating Mom! Perfect book for a gift for your mom or someone who is a mother! I'll be teaching it at My Daughters Wish on Saturday April 28th, and Thursday May 3rd, perfect time for Mothers Day. I hope to see some of you there!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter! I am up before the family and enjoying my "quiet" time before the storm of Easter, dressing up and tons of family love. Bianca will be packing today to go to Washington D.C. with her 8th grade class. Its going to be a beautiful day for us. I love family get togethers. I am so blessed to have such a loving, caring, wonderful family. We will head to my parents in law house and celebrate today with 26 people. I hope each and every one of them realizes how lucky we all are to have each other. I can't wait to see Tony running around finding Easter eggs. I'll definitely be chasing him with the camera.
We have had a hectic week, but ended it with the best news ever! At 11pm the other night, Rocky (our lovely 70# dog) got in a scuffle with a skunk in the backyard. The smell was like a cloud of nuclear waste hanging over our house and permeating his fur! Poor guy was whinning and crying rolling around in the grass, and NO tomato soup didn't work on him. We ended up taking him to the vet the next day and he is much better now, but he still stinks!
Friday I got the best news ever! I made the design team for Your Pictured Memories! It actually says my name on the list! I had to have Bianca come into the room to tell me that was really my name on the screen and I wasn't hallucinating from checking so much all day! I am so excited and can't wait to get started being creative! Thanks to the entire staff for picking little ol me!
Have a blessed day everyone and enjoy each and every moment you have with family and friends. I will be snapping away, as I am officially the "family documenter" with our family and scrapping away the results of this beautiful day.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I discovered something new and fun for me to try! I have never been a scrapbooker that uses idea books or sketches. I have always just done my own thing, but this week I actually took the time to go through a favorite book of mine which is Elsies book and put post-its on the pages I thought I'd like to try. I was so inspired that I sat right down and did that page. I was really pleased with what came out. Mine was totally different that what she did, but the inspiration was there and it was a happy moment for me. So, above, is this layout. I think I'll be adding some more to it.. It needs some white doodling on it but I was really excited about this. The second layout is also a sketch. I bought the paper pack for Halfway Cafe by Cosmo Cricket and knew I wanted to use it for this picture. On the backside of the paper pack cover, this sketch was there, 15 minutes later, this layout was done, different from the sketch, but great! So, this is a fun new thing I tried and loved! Pick up a sketch and see what you can do!

One other note, I sent the BAM POP layout from my previous post to them and they loved it and are going to put it up on their gallery on the website, WEEEHOO! How exciting for me!