Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This is the second layout I did this past weekend, also with the Bohemia line. These pictures are so fun. Bianca and Alexa had just dyed their hair pink (yes dyed it pink!) and I had to get some pics of them. They are the best of friends and I love how they are so playful together. Some of my favorite layouts are of their friendship. It amazing to me how much Bianca is growing up. She really does remind me of myself at that age. I was adventurous and not afraid to express myself so I am proud of her for being a strong independent girl.... if only I can keep the boys away for a little bit longer. Have a great day everyone!


Wendy said...

Hooray - first comment ever! I feel so lucky...

Awesome LOs, girlfriend. Just beautiful. Of course, you have some pretty adorable subjects to work with, but I love the colors you're using and laying the pics on the diagonal - super cute! Might have to get me some of that paper, too!

Welcome to the obsession, I mean, wonderful world of blogging!

ally said...

Hi Daniela and Wendy!
D, I linked you to my blog at www.swirlsoup.com. Wendy, how can I find/read you?
Totally agree with Wendy, the pics on diagonal are cool!!!
Is their hair neon pink?

Anonymous said...

You already know I love the layout you did. And I loved all the stuff you were working on the other night at Stampers. I am completely inspired by your "new" scrapbooking style.
xo, nanc

Laura said...

You are rockin' these days, girl!! Looks awesome. Are you loving the blogging yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Daniella. I love both of your layouts. Bianca is growing up so fast.