Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wow only 3 days until I leave for CHA.. I am now officially getting excited! I have been checking out all the sneak peaks from manufacturers and I really love some of them. I think I am just ready to get away as well. I am a wife, mother, maid, taxi, scrapbook teacher and sales associate, and dog walker.. I know many of you know my life.. cause you live it too! Its hard to keep it all in balance. I had planned on taking more time for me this year, and this will be my first task. Its going to be a ton of hard work but ulitimately its going to be so rewarding! I want to see MDW succeed in this hard business and picking the right product is the first step. With so much out there its hard to forcast what is going to do well in our market. I hope Sheri and I can make the right decisions and make everyone happy. Its going to be kinda hard too.. because right now I am trying to figure out where I want to go in this business. I say that I want to teach, but do I really want to get in with a manufacturer and teach everywhere? Do I just want to be on my own and teach everywhere? How do you do that? Am I qualified? Can my home and family survive or let me do this? Its hard to decide. Right now, I love love love being at the store, teaching and being a big part of it. Should I just stay put and try to do more through the store? Such huge questions for little ol me. Sheri asked me what I'd like to do and the only word I can think of is "teach".. I think going to CHA will give me more insight. Do I want to become part of the "bigger" world. Am I ready for the competition and the rejection? There are so many designers out there that are better than me.. but I do think I bring something different to the table, but is it enough? Anyways enough babbling.. here are some pics of some new 7Gypsies stuff I can't wait to play with. Mini Transperancies for the ATC holder.. DROOL! Also, mini Monogram Transperancies for the ATC holder, and finally the ATC holder punch.. WOW! I know Sheri will get it all, but I can't wait to play!

I teach the 5 inch acrylic class Thursday night, come join me for some fun with acrylic!


Casey said...

First off, thank you for your patience with me at the store today. I had four hours of sleep last night and no coffee since ten, so I was really out of it. I can so identify with your "ramblings" - I don't enjoy teaching, but I've been doing it for 15 years, so I rather like just me and my papers and glue. Design teams are always popping up, but do I really want to do more of that, or focus on my own art? Publishing is a goal, but how do you find the time? I think so many of us are right there with you, Daniela!

Casey said...

Make that "I DO enjoy teaching..." Four hours of sleep, remember? :)

WriterGirl said...

You are awesome, my friend. YOu can accomplish anything you decide to do!! I have the utmost confidence in you!