Thursday, February 14, 2008

CHA was absolutely FABULOUS! I couldn't have wished for a better time. The people we met, the products we bought, the friendships I made.. just incredible. I can't even put into words everything.. it would take a week!

From hanging with the wizard.. Mr. Hambly himself.. (I love him!) To hugging Elsie and giving her the frame I made, to meeting for the first time Melody of Chatterbox, Jon the Warehouse Guy, talking with Teresa Collins about her new line.. Kezia the owner of Tinkering Ink.. just a nice down to earth person and beautiful! The countless others.. whew.. what an experience!

I am so glad to have shared it with Sheri, she was so fun, and we kept on track and bought EVERYTHING! We made a ton of orders and had a blast! Here are the pics for now.. more stories later.. I need more sleep!


WriterGirl said...

HOw awesome girl!!! Soo glad you had a fabulous time!!! Can't wait to see everything!

Casey said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear all of the stories!