Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We have been having bad weather in our area for about a week now.. On Friday of last week, we had the worst storm we've had in two years. It was a great day at our house. The lights flickered on and off a couple of times. Tony wanted to use his umbrella and boots, so being the mom that I am... I put all our gear on and we played outside in the rain. It was so much fun, spashing in the puddles. People would drive by and look at us and smile. These are the things I'll always remember. Doing things out of the ordinary that bring that huge smile to my sons face. Then later in the day, I took both the dogs out for a long walk in the rain. Wow that was a blast. We went on the trails, got all muddy and wet but wow its was so refreshing! Now for the bad news...

Our computer wouldn't turn on after the power outages.. even though it was on a surge protector. So, no computer at home, no pictures to upload.. I do backup pics, but I know that I don't have them all.. we'll see.. I have hope that it can be fixed.

On the work front, I am super busy. We just set up all our classes for the next 3 months.. I have so many I can't even count! I am also going to CHA so I am really excited about it.

Below is a listing of the classes I'll be teaching over the next 3 months at My Daughters Wish. Come take one, we'll have so much fun together!

Jan 26th - Love Letters
Jan 31st - Whoo Loves you Card Class
Feb 2nd - Love Notes in a Box - Super cute new Tinkering Ink!
Feb 7th - 6 inch Circle Acrylic Album - Come play!
Feb 28th - Hambly Card Class
Mar 8th - Easter House - Doodlebug House super cute and fun to make!
Apr 5th - 7 Days of Me - This is going to be a great class all about you - Homework involved.
Apr 26th - 6 inch Circle Acrylic Class

I want to add a fun "Tweeen" class to in April.. I love teaching kids.. so we'll see if I can get that one in the books in April.

I hope you see one that you might want to take with me!

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