Friday, May 18, 2007

Quick post, cause I am still laughing.. THIS is what happens when you leave your distress ink out and walk away for 5 minutes! I can't wait to SCRAP this!


Wendy said...

That's priceless - lucky you had the camera close by. He's adorable (& getting so big)!

dw said...

OH funny! Something similar recently happened to me. I joined Close To My Heart as a consultant & when the box of supplies arrived it was wrapped in periwinkle colored tissue paper. The other morning I went to take a shower with my 1 year old daughter. I turned on the water, took of my clothes, took off her clothes & her diaper. When I started to pick her up to put her in the tub I noticed that her little bum was bright bluish purple. I looked in her diaper & there were a bunch of wads of soggy periwinkle tissue paper. I just had to snap some pics of that cute little blue bum!
BTW, it turns out her 5 year old sister had thought it would be funny to put it in her diaper the night before! So she had had it in there all night! Needless to say, we discussed how she needs to tell me if she puts anything in baby sister's diaper. =o)