Sunday, November 18, 2007

So, I have been playing alot this past week.. I am making my Christmas list and what I am making for whom... and also making a few things for me! I am going to try to make all my Christmas presents this year, plus make my Christmas cards, so I am going to try to keep on schedule... but I got off of it a little bit late last night.. I had sitting on the table the super cute Maya Road Chipboard keychains, and I have been wondering how I would alter them. Well I just "went to it" and I just couldn't stop till they were done. I want to put them in a layout, but couldn't wait to share them with others.
So, first is a cute hanging chipboard christmas door hanger. Made with the Maya Road Accordian album that originally had rings.. I took them out and used ribbon. I will be making 3 or 4 of these, for family and of course one for me!
Then is a pic of the super cute Maya Road "Costa" family people. I LOVE THEM!
On the Tony bottle front.. I am so excited, things have been so easy and the transition so wonderful.. he is sleeping through the night, and hasn't asked for a bottle in a few days. He is still on the milk strike, but I am trying every day waiting for the moment he gulps it down. Thanks for the tips.. I am using them!


rebeccaharper said...

Ohhhh soooo cute!!! love it Daniela!

Laura McCann said...

I love the Costa family people!! Looks awesome girl!! Yeah!