Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So I have been busy having fun, working, playing, being a mom.. trying to do the impossible.. wean my child off a bottle.. yep.. I am that mom that let it get out of hand and now Tony is over 2 years old! So.. we are on day 3 today.. first two nights were better than expected.. but wow the crying and begging is very hard to hear especially at 5am.. but we HAVE to do it.. now he is on a milk strike and hasn't drank any in the 3 days.. what do we do??? He won't drink it out of a cup. Any suggestions?
Finally here is a layout purely of my choice.. my full layout.. I haven't done one in a long time. Tony loves to pick up my mini books all over the house and look at them.. makes me so proud. So I asked him if he'd like to see the "big" books and we sat down and looked at my layout books.. I really enjoyed seeing all my work again and got me to thinking that I need to get back to doing layouts.. (other than my DT commitments) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my DT team, but I loved doing this layout with just things I have bought and haven't had time to play with.. so here it is.. CUTE BOYS! My daughters friends.. love them! They are the coolest hipest sweetest teenagers a mom would want to hang out with her daughter. They are polite, treat her nice and treat me with respect.. So.. thanks Matt and Jerry (two on the left) for hanging with Bianca!


rebeccaharper said...

Vey ool page daniela!!! Oh and try a cup with a straw.. it was a great repalcement for my daughter... I think there is a cool sponge bob one, I am not sure the manufacturer, but it doen't spill or leak! Good Luck!

Casey said...

First off, I LOVE this layout. The colors really sing. Have you tried taking him to pick out his own big boy sippy cup? Both of my kids chose favorite sippy cups that they just had to drink from all of the time. (I had to buy duplicates because when they were dirty, no other cups would do). The straw cups are great, too, and good for speech development because they strengthen the right mouth muscles.

Laura McCann said...

what an awesome page!! love it, girl!! I have nothing to add on the bottle front!