Thursday, June 12, 2008

I was so fortunate to have one of those mornings.. early over here.. sun just coming up.. no one is up in the house but me and the dogs.. and outside my door is my momma deer and her baby.. They had been coming around cause I give out lots of apples.. but never had my camera nearby.. I was calm.. ran and got it and grabbed my bowlfull of apples.. (they are always close for the visitors).

I got some tremendous shots of them. What an incredible vision. The baby deer is so fuzzy I just want to go give it a hug.. and that momma was soo cute.. you could tell she was communicating to the baby to come get some great apples and that it was ok.

Its definitely spring around here.. yesterday I saw a momma turkey and her 5 babies up in the open space.. (I haven't gotten them to come near, cause I can't figure out what to feed them, lol!) And last week I had to wait for a family of Quail to cross the street.. Dad came first.. alone.. got across the street and I knew his family was behind him. He called out and out of the bushes comes momma and her 4 babies.. they were so stinking adorable.. with the little thingys bouncing around on top of their head.. running and trying to fly to daddy across the street..

These are the things in life that are precious every day things that I treasure so much. I can't believe how much I am attached to the animal life around here. I am always looking up at the open space and being so careful when I drive around here. I don't think I could live anywhere ever again without all this wildlife running around. I could watch them all for hours and I'd love to take care of them too!


cindy said...

So sweet! We used to have an apple tree in our back yard and deer would bring their babies to eat the apples. I was so sad when we had to cut it down-too much storm damage one year:(

Lauren said...

great pictures! I asked my bf (he raises turkeys), he said to feed the turkeys bird seed or corn. Maybe that will work! I hope you get a picture! I want to see!

Marika said...

You are very lucky, they are so sweet!

nan said...

i love these pics. i am gonna have to come hang around and see if i can catch a glimpse of these cuties. i love deer and love those silly turkeys too.