Monday, March 31, 2008

First off, Happy Belated Birthday to Nancie.. the bestest friend a girl could ever wish for! I love you girl!

We spent Saturday night cropping with all our friends and had such a blast.. our make and take was making Maya Road People. They come on a chain and there are 8 of them to a book. We had soo much fun making these.. I can't wait to get them on a layout. Look for more pictures of others to come. I loved spending time with everyone and hootin and hollering eating and crafting.. I wish we could do this every weekend. I am truly blessed with friendship.. Take a look at the picture I snapped of Lisa's brand new puppy.. it was only 8 weeks old and I was so tempted to kidnap it.. the cutest dog ever!


WriterGirl said...

What a great post.

WriterGirl said...

I missed hanging out with you...this whole wedding stuff is keeping me crazy busy!

nancie said...

I had the best birthday a girl could have, thanks to my friends and scrappin' and eatin' and yes, the cupcakes too!! Thanks again for the wonderful night!!! I love ya' right back.
xo, nanc
missed me some La La Laura McCann though and some mally pants too.

Diana said...

cute blog title & love your door hangers.
That puppy is ADORABLE!!
hugs to you- see you soon-