Friday, March 28, 2008

Big shout out to my little Mallory for doodling my title for the blog.. I have been meaning to get this done for SOOOO long.. and its perfect, you rock girl! I loved having you around these past two days.. your artistic creativity sure rubs off and I miss you terribly while your gone.

Here are the pictures of the door hangings I did last weekend with Nancie and Laura.. these are our take on the MDW make and take Sheri designed for the Scrapbook Expo. We used the Abby Blackboard book, and just used one of the pages and turned them into super cute signs. Tony loves loves loves his and carrys it around with him. Bianca actually put it up right away.. what a teenager!


Mallory Phillipy said...

aww thanks honey! so glad i could help, i LOVE the bling you added. i miss you too, i'll come visit soon, and this time i'll be bearing some mally pants paintings :]


nancie irwin said...

i had sooo much fun making signs for Gabe, Lily and Kelsey. I love the new blog title with Mally Pants doodle on it, it is sooo pretty. See you soon girlie.