Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well well well... its been two whole weeks since I blogged! I know soooo bad.. but I know you all understand.. I haven't had a ton of time to create and I've been busy, but I cleared off my scrap table and layed it all out to play tonight! I have been toting around this 6x12 album I made and bound with the Zutter (most awesome tool ever!) and I finally finished it.. but I need to use MDW's Zutter to finish. I am planning on buying one in the near future! Its fanatastic that you can make any size book you want and all you need is chipboard.
We have moved the My Daughters Wish Store this past week, and whew, you thought moving a house was hard, try moving 100,000 pieces of paper and embellies.. I am super excited about the new space. Its feels really nice in there and its more "open".. come visit us starting Wednesday, September 19th at 2835 Contra Costa Blvd. I have posted a pic that Sheri took of the old space when we had everything packed up.. wow it was a bittersweet day to see it empty, but so exciting to start fresh in the new space! See Sheri's blog for more pics!

I promise to post more "creative" pics tomorrow and if you don't see me blog, email or post to me and bug me, if you do I'll send you something! lol!
I need motivation people!

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Laura McCann said...

Hey girl!! You bug me when I don't blog....get on it!!! LOL!!!!