Friday, September 21, 2007

Here it is! I am finally finished with my fully handmade, "HOME" book. I made it with chipboard and the Zutter! I truly have been dragging on this one, but I am super happy with the finished product. It has a ton of interactive pages and elements, and it has all my favorite things in it, my family, my home, my animals. I am truly happy in my home and with my family. I truly love love love my home. It is a place where I am comfortable, I am myself and I am surrounded by all the things that make me who I am. I hope your home is the same sanctuary to you as mine is to me.


Laura McCann said...

I love this book!! it just looks amazinG!!! Finally, it's done!! Yeah!!

Diana said...

what a great book! It looks fun.
oh ya and that too.