Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wow, I can't believe how long its been. Life happens so fast these days.. I have been so busy, but I am still taking the time to be creative and see my friends. I am on an "old" picture kick. I have taken a bunch of my old slides from when I was a child and putting them on disk and printing them for scrapping! I found this old picture of my mom pregnant with me. I LOVE this picture! She made all her clothes back then, and Bianca and I agree that we wish we had this dress/outfit for us today. She is so fashionable and just darling. I promise to add more scans of recent pages I have done. Much love to all!


Ally said...

I especially enjoy the flower collage and use of ribbon in this piece. Needless to say, it just totally pops! I love that you designed a piece that is really, really bright - it's almost shocking in a good is your mom's dress, which is beyond cool. Now I see where you get all your creative juices...Lucy looks awesome!

Miss you! xox Ally

killerxkim said...

AH! That layout is super cute! I want that dress. yum! What an amazing era.