Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am starting the process of selling our house, and wow is it stressful. We aren't one of the lucky ones that is going to make money off the sale of our house. We have only been here two years, and we will be lucky to get out even. The realtor just left and she found all these things, I didn't get clean and took apart our house. Then the bombshell on how much the houses in our development are going for.. not much.. So, we are going to have to do a bunch of work on the house to try to sell it without a loss. The good thing is that we are moving.. to a better neighborhood, with a good school district. Its amazing what we will do for our children right? I would walk to the ends of the earth and work until I collapsed just to provide a good home for my children. It puts things in perspective and you realize that it the long run, it will be a great thing we are doing. But the next 9 months are going to be hard on us. I have so many things to do. But for now, I am going to work on something creative for my honey for his birthday. It will make me feel better, once my hands are dirty and my craft table is a mess again. Here is a page I did at a great store crop at Young Play Memories. Its a fantastic store, which I would frequent if I lived closer. Its another oldie of me and my mom when we lived in Hawaii, I am about 3 years old. Have a great day everyone!


nancie said...

daniela, i love this one, it is so darn cute. i love that you are scrapping all those older photos. your mom must love it too.
xo, nanc

Ally said...

Hi, Daniela!

Your mother's expression of love is exactly how you looked when holding Tony on the train! Happy Wednesday morning! Congratulations on moving to a new home - as for road bumps that stretch out before you - remember, together you and Aaron can do anything!

I love that you give your photos space to be. Your designs truly remind me of works of art in a museum - surprising nuances and a great command of color. I hope you will scrapbook the elements and memories in your current home. I would love to see that. xox Ally