Friday, September 08, 2006

A few weeks ago, I decided to submit for a scrapbook design team. This was the first time I tried out for one. Now, I have never been published or won any contests or anything. I really only have submitted a few things. But this one was relatively easy to enter, and I had the products so I did it. I was so happy with my resulting layouts. Really some of the best pages I have produced. I was sad on the day the winners were announced as I was not picked, but was really happy with my effort. You must continue to try or you'll never succeed. I will try again when the time is right and hopefully some day I will succeed. I do have to remember that I do this as a hobby and I do it for the satisfied I get from creating something that will remain long after I am gone. I have so much fun creating my layouts and projects and I think my family appreciates what I do. I keep telling myself that I don't need validation from the industry, just my own inner validation. Keep my head up and keep creating! Here is my favorite layout that I created for the design team submission.


Anonymous said...
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Laura McCann said...

Love this LO!! You will get yours soon enough, are creating amazing things!!

Ally said...


This is truly one of my favorite layouts. The color scheme is unique. I couldn't imagine black working so well, but it does! And I love the use of light blue near the B&W photo - i've never seen anything like it. As for the buttons and thread - super cool! 70 years from now we will have so much fun looking back at your pages together and if that isn't a PRESENT to yourself, I don't know what is! Keep creating and sharing. Such fun! Ally