Thursday, September 25, 2008

This week has been so hectic for me. I am getting everything ready for the Scrap for a Cure Scrap Pink event on Saturday. I haven't even pulled any cropping stuff together, mostly make and take, goodie bags, and product for the "trunk" show. I am also trying to finalize the October Kits with pictures, instructions, etc. So, whew, I am exhausted.. I did manage to snap a few shots of Bianca and Tony. It was one of those times where we were waiting on someone, I happened to have my camera in the car, and Bianca and Tony were hanging out. Wowsers.. what a moment. Tony absolutely LOVES his big sister, and she adores him as well. I couldn't be more proud or feel so lucky to have these two people in my life. Every day, I laugh a little and stare a little in amazement at what God has blessed me with. I had Oprah on in the backround the other day and Jenny McCarthy of all people was talking about how us Mother Warriors really would do anything in our power to help or come to the aid of our children. So, to all you Mother Warriors, cheers!


Tom Wilson said...

what great pictures!
hope all is well.
see you next week.

WriterGirl said...

awesome pics girlie!!!

CreativelyOuttaControl said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love these photos of Bianca and Tony! I hope your Pink Event went well, I know everyone had an awesome time! I need to come up to your side of the woods to give you a "big hug" and to see what you have been creating. Love, Velma