Thursday, May 08, 2008

I wanted to share some pictures of my items in the store. Its very cool to see them out on the floor and see people pick them up and say "how cute".. so I am getting a kick out of it. Also, the picture of the owl "vignette" is something I am also selling, custom made.. you pick the color of the vignette and I'll make it for you! Casey was my first customer.. yippee! THANKS GIRL!

Hopefully in the coming weeks, I'll be able to get everything up and in a store format.. stay tuned!


WriterGirl said...

lOoks awesome girlie!! love all your stuff!!

Velma Griffin said...

I love the owl, how do I get one?

Lisa Super said...

Looking good Daniela!! The display, the tags, packaging, product choices, you get an A+++!!


nan said...

i love me some art life products!!
i love me some art life displays too. i love me some daniela.
you are awesome chica!