Friday, August 31, 2007

I know everyone has a favorite manufacturer of scrapbook products. My friends all know that mine is Hambly Studios. I love that they are different, and a small family type company, all their products are made right here in the good ol' USA. I had the EXTREME pleasure of going to visit their studios yesterday. I had set up a time to come meet the fabulous Allison and talk to her about our WISHFEST event coming up in September, and to talk to her about teaching a class for us at MDW. Coming up to the building it is very unassuming warehouse type place. A small sign indicated that we were there. As you walk in, there are paper holders that have EVERY type of paper and overlay they carry.. can we say "AAAAHHHHHH"... scrappers heaven! Allison came and greeted us and she is a doll.. so cute, down to earth and just so happy to show us around. Seeing the overlays made is incredible. The huge machines. The great workers with big smiles.. you can tell this is a great company to work for! We even got to see how rubons are made! Have you ever noticed that their papers have a sweet smell to them? Well, I found out that they put a trace of VANILLA in the ink for the papers! How cool is that? We were able to see how Allison gets her designs and the ins and outs of the company. What a wonderful treat to be able to do this! We were even able to spend time with MR. HAMBLY himself. What a sweet sweet man.. The company is everything I expected and more! Look for Allison to teach at MDW on November 8th, and also look out for MDW in the Hambly newsletter next month! Silly me had forgotten my camera.. duh! I was so excited to get there, I left it at home.. but wow what an experience I will never forget, thanks so much to Allison and everyone at Hambly!


Vee said...

that is SO awesome!!
i love hambly :)
congrats to you and I hope your event is a success! ;)

WriterGirl said...

that is just too cool girl!! You know it!!! glad you had such a great time!