Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wow, time is passing by so quickly these days.. Christmas was fantastic, to see Tony start to understand the ripping open of presents and playing with his new toys brings so much joy and happiness to our lives. I hope everyone can enjoy a Christmas with small children. It really puts things in perspective. We have one week to go before our big move. Tomorrow I am actually putting ALL my scrapbook supplies away. I have been putting it off each day and its finally time. Its so hard to not have your supplies out and handy for when you get the creative bug. I think I really need to start that art journal and get things down in there. I made journals this year for all my friends and really hope they get the message I am sending by writing things down. This past week I actually had lunch by myself out in Walnut Creek, and had a book with me called Visual Chronicles. I was really inspired by it and I am hoping to teach some kind of class at the store centered around it. I also need to document this move as it is such a big one for me. I am moving into a house that has such a rich and wonderful history and the sense of happiness and love that surrounds this house is just wonderful. I can't wait to start our lives there. I'll have picures of it soon. Also, I am teaching two classes at My Daughters Wish in the month of January. I am teaching the Recipe Book and the Wings Purse Album (renamed from Wishes). Check out the My Daughters Wish calendar or call the store for details.
For today, I am including some pics of the journals I made my friends this year. They were a ton of fun to make.

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